Busy Bee Books English Training

Where English Teachers Come To Learn

What We Can Do For You

・Pinpoint Advice on all aspects of your lesson.

      Including pronunciation, classroom management, activity and material ideas.


・Lesson Planning Support.

 A start to finish approach that can be used for 30min lessons to 90min    lessons.


・Class Training for All Ages

From Mommy&Me classes up until Junior High Level, 

we offer advice for a large range of lessons.


Our Service



With over 10 years of teaching English to children experience we have the experience, know how and those little tricks that can make your English lessons from good to AMAZING!!!


 We supply pinpoint advice through our man to man training sessions. If you are just starting out and need basic advice such as lesson plans, text book recommendations, classroom management or if you are a veteran teacher and would like to get some feedback on how to make your lessons even better this is the service for you!



We speak English and Japanese so please feel free to contact us in your language of choice.


Your English Coach: Jerry Martin

I come from a small town in northern California.

I was born and raised on a farm but my favorite animal is a polar bear. 

My major in university was Japanese Language and Literature.

After graduating from university I came to Japan in 2005 to start my English teaching career.

I have over 10years experience teaching Mommy & Me, kindergarten, phonics, elementary, junior/high school and adult classes.

I have loved picture books ever since I can remember. Currently I have released 4 books in the "Learning with Leon" series.

I also have a literacy certificate from the non-profit org "Ehon de Kosodate" center here in Japan. Currently I have been doing my "Bilingual Book Time" all over Japan.


Fees & Courses

Training sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long.
Interview Fee: 3000yen.
Entrance Fee: 15000yen.

1 Time Course:


Perfect for veteran teachers who want some professional feedback on how to make their good lessons even better!

From classroom management, game and activity ideas to help with pronunciation we can give you that extra help you need.


3 Time Session Course:


For teachers who want a little more one on one attention. With our 3 lesson course you will have more time to get pinpoint advice on your lessons.You will also have the opportunity to use that advice in your everyday lessons. With this approach you can report to your lesson coach any changes you see and then get even more feedback and tips to improve your lessons.

5 Time Session Course:


Our 5 lesson course is our recommendation for teachers who are just starting out. We provide a all around approach to training. We will get you started on creating great lesson plans, how to improve classroom management and many other things that new teachers need to know when just starting out.


How To Get Started

1.Send us an e-mail using the CONTACT US button.                                                     Tell us what you do,what are your goals,

your strong points and weak points as a teacher

and as much as you can about your teaching experience.


  2.Setting up an interview.                                                     Our interview will last from about 30minutes to an hour.

During this interview our interviewer will ask you some questions about what you want from this training,

how you would like to improve your lessons and or English,  and so on.

A face to face interview is preferred but incases of distance problems video call interviews are acceptable.

Phone interviews are not acceptable. 

3.Picking a training schedule.                                                

If we both feel you can benefit from this training,you will need to pick a training plan from the 3 courses listed above.

You then set your training days with our trainer and you are ready to start!



Things to know before you get started

  • There is a 15000yen entrance fee.
  • All fees must be paid BEFORE said date of lesson or interview by Paypal or bank transfer. 
  • If for any reason you wish to cancel remaining lessons you may do so for a full refund of remaining lesson fees.
  • Entrance fee and interview fee are NOT refundable.